Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekly Update: 16 weeks

How far along: 16 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 5.5 lbs. I am happy with that!

Maternity clothes: Some but I am ready for my belly to come in a little cuter. I still am feeling awkwardly fat at times.

Stretch marks: Still keeping an eye on the old ones.

Sleep: Pretty good, just not ever enough. I am having to sleep more on my side than on my tummy.

Best moment this week: We had our check up last week and heard pumpkin’s heartbeat. It all sounds good!

Movement: Still feeling it from the outside. Yesterday I went to the movies and had my hand on my belly the whole time. There is definitely a wiggle worm in there. I am not sure if I have felt flutters (or whatever you want to call it) but I think I did a few times. I am still on the lookout for more convincing.

Food cravings: Nothing lately

Food aversions: Not anything here either

Gender: We find out in 11 days!

Labor Signs: Nope!!!

Belly Button in or out? I think it will be a while before I see this move

What I miss: Being carefree (haha, yeah right!). I am a worry wart anyways, but now being pregnant I am always anxious about doing the right things for the baby and I.

What I am looking forward to: Our anatomy scan is next Friday. Not only am I looking forward to finding out the baby’s sex, but more peace of mind that pumpkin is doing good.

Weekly Wisdom: I had some much needed lessons in stuff we will need on our registry from my mommy guide, Heather.

Milestones: I love getting to all the 4 week marks. 4, 8, 12, and now 16. We are 40% there!

Measurements: Chest- +1” Waist-+.25” Hips-same (this is still frustrating me)

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  1. wow, you are almost "over the hill" on this pregnancy thing...October will be right around the corner! <3