Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekly Update: 15 weeks

How far along: 15 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 6 lbs (I hear a pound a week is good so I am not complaining)

Maternity clothes: I am feeling kind of limited here. Some things fit fine and show a bump, some stuff is too big and I just look chubby.

Stretch marks: The old ones are being rubbed in cocoa butter daily to make sure new ones stay away

Sleep: My favorite part of the day! I still need lots of it.

Best moment this week: The below movement

Movement: We are starting to feel a little movement from the outside. I am still waiting to feel flutters from the inside.

Food cravings: Still sweets and citrus fruits

Food aversions: Still hate the same old food but I was able to eat a couple of them at a friend’s house the other night and they did not bother me

Gender: Finding out in 2.5 weeks, 18 days!.

Labor Signs: Heck no

Belly Button in or out? The same. It is kind of making me look chubby because my bump is moving up behind it, but it is still defined so it makes it look like I have two little rolls.

What I miss: I miss not feeling guilty when I eat bad foods. Now I feel like I am depriving my child of good nutrition.

What I am looking forward to: OB appointment Wednesday and Anatomy scan in 2.5 weeks

Weekly Wisdom: I keep being told I look great for how far along I am, which I much appreciate. I was told today that I am glowing, which is nice because I was wondering when that would start.

Milestones: No big ones this week except making it to the nice round 15 week number

Measurements: Chest- +.5, Waist- +.5”, Hips-.5” (This is all weird because the fluctuate so much even though there is a defined bump. I am sure the hips and stomach will start to really take off soon, unfortunately).


  1. You DO look great! :) Can't wait to see you on Saturday!

  2. Beautiful! I know I said it the other day, but I can't believe you're only 2.5 weeks away from your anatomy scan! HOLY MOLY!!

  3. I saw your NT scan from a few weeks ago. I know you're anxious to find out gender, and from your NT scan "nub", it reeeallly looks like a little girl! I hope you're able o find out for sure sooon!