Wednesday, April 13, 2011

How We Spilled the Beans

When Ben and I found out we were pregnant we immediately decided that we would wait to tell our families until we could tell them in person. It worked out perfectly because we would be going in town for our nieces birthday in four weeks and get to see all of our parents. Those 4 weeks were torture though. It was so hard to talk to people and not have an answer when they asked,"Well, what is new?". I was so glad when it was time for our trip.

Mom was first. She was working but I was adamant that we had to see her. We waited at her work in the waiting room until she came out (thank goodness it was only for about 5 minutes). We walked downstairs so she could get lunch and when she was sitting in the breakroom we gave her a present.

This was underneath the onesie.

She was quite excited and amazed that I had kept it a secret for 4 weeks. There were even a few bad words thrown around in her moment of shock. The whole time I had had to lie to her about a lot of things and it was really hard.

With my dad and stepmom. I made this family tree and waited for them to notice the addition.

Bobbie pushed dad out of the way to run over and give me a hug.

We told my grandma and grandpa, my aunt Tine and cousin Ally and Ben's family with these.

Of course everyone is excited, some people a little surprised. There were some people who knew or suspected we were trying and others that had no idea. I have videos to document all of these announcements to one day show pumpkin. If you are interested in seeing them, leave me a comment and I will e-mail them to you.


  1. I love the family tree idea! What are the "We're Pregnant" in the box? Cupcakes or donuts? I love that idea also!

    Glad I found your blog just when you announced you were expecting! I look forward to your updates on the "pumpkin"!

  2. They are cake dots, if you check out my other blog you can see more of them.