Monday, February 6, 2012

Miller Week 16

So I promise I am going to try to be better to post pictures of Miller (and us sometimes) once a week. They may not be interesting but they are us.

Here are a few of Miller from when we were in Knoxville last week.

Everything goes in the mouth. Especially likes other people's and his own fingers.

Bath time with his Ninny. He loves getting baths from my mom in her sink.

Playing on his activity mat.

On Saturday we watched Heather and Steve's little girl while they want on a date. Then on Sunday we swapped and they watched Miller while we went out. It was soooo nice but I missed the baby so much. (I had no makeup on so I cropped myself out of the picture)

Miller watching the superbowl in his Jumperoo.

He has started becoming much more aware of his surroundings, which means that it is harder for him to sleep just anywhere. This has led to a decrease in naptime unless we are home and he is in his crib. He did take a nap at Steve and Heather's but it was not very long and by the time he was tired again, it was too late for a nap. We tried to keep him up but this is what ended up happening. He was worn out and slept so much last night.

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  1. I hope you are able to do picture updates each week. He's getting so big so fast! Super cute :)