Sunday, February 12, 2012

Miller Week 17

Look, I remembered to do pictures this week. Actually, you all are getting a treat because I have these today, tomorrow I have Valentines pictures and at the end of the week I have Miller's 4 month update (which I am waiting on doing until his pediatricians appointment on Wednesday).

He fell asleep on the way home from something (???I honestly can not remember what??).

Monday night we went out and did a little shopping with Heather, Isla and Lindsey. We can still manage to take one car but it will not be long until that is impossible.

So I have been making a big push for him to take all his naps in his crib. This week was a success. Obviously if we are out he sleeps on one of us or in his carrier but no more sleeping in his swing. Here is what happens when he wakes up.

"What is going on? Where am I"

"What the heck? Why are you not holding me woman? I do not like being down here!!!!!!!"

"Oh, its Mommy. I love her! She is so funny. Now get me out since I am being sweet!"

Helping Ben work from home.

So I went back to the gym for the first time this week. On my way home, I get a text from Ben, "can he nap?" I figured he was just being crabby and I would see how he was acting when I got home. I walk in the door to find this. Ben said, all of a sudden he noticed he was not jumping anymore but the music was still going and looked over to find him like this. I love that his arms are sprawled to the side like he just gave up.

As I have said before, when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he comes into our bed. Normally he will not sleep once I wake up so Thursday when I had to get up to watch Isla, I figured he would too. Nope, he stayed fast asleep.

On Thursday, I had girls night shopping thing downtown. Rather than deal with traffic and a baby in the backseat, I convinced Lindsey to take MARTA (subway) with me. Miller started off the trip asleep but woke up halfway. His eyes got so big when the doors would open and close. He is so cosmopolitan now!

Saturday, we went to Lauren's birthday party so Miller had to wear his snazzy new pants.

See you tomorrow for Valentine's Day!

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