Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Miller Week 19

I realize that in the below pictures that Miller is in his jammies for 4 out of 5 of them. I would like to say it is just a coincident but in reality, he spends most days just hanging out in them.

This is nothing too exciting from the week. Miller and I ventured to Mass alone for Ash Wednesday. He was so good for me and got his ashes. He kept staring at my forehead the rest of the evening.

We have broken out some new cloth diapers to try out for night time. They are pockets so you can stuff them to be more absorbent. They are super stuffed so Miller looks a little hippy.

He is not really using his swing how he is supposed to. Kind of outgrowing it.

We love how he is holding on to the Jumperoo as he jumps.

He got tired while he was playing so he laid his head down for a rest. Hard work holding up the ginormous noggin!

On Thursday we left for Knoxville. Saturday we headed up to Ben''s sisters house in Greeneville for his niece's birthday party where we got to see most of the Trusty clan. I will post those pictures later.

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