Monday, March 12, 2012

Miller Week 20 and 21

Back to pictures. These are from the past few weeks since I have been slacking.

Bath time at Ninny's.

"Mommy, it is my turn with your camera".

One day in Knoxville my parents decided to take Miller and I to some daffodil fields that were on the side of the highway to snap some pictures. I love them!

This is an outtake at the end because he was so over it.

This is my absolute favorite picture that we have of him.

Miller helping daddy build a computer for the first time.

This is the smile that melts my heart over and over again, day after day. I love being busy doing something, looking at him and he gives me one of these.

"Mom, seriously, it is my turn!!"

He turns 5 months today and I will post that update sometimes this week.

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  1. The pictures of you and Miller in the flowers are beautiful!!