Monday, March 26, 2012

I am sorry in advance

You are going to have to forgive me over the next couple of months. Life is about to get super crazy and I am sure my blogging will suffer! Lets start off with April.

About a month ago, Ben and I started discussing moving to a bigger place because our little guy is outgrowing this one. We thought we could last here longer but why suffer. Miller is into rolling around and there is nowhere for him to go in this house. We started looking with the intention of moving before Miller turned a year old. Well I started looking and in a few days I found a great place. Our current condo is 2 bedrooms, 1400sqft, carport, small kitchen, living room, dining room, 2.5 bath. This new place is 3 bedrooms, 2200sqft, 2 car garage, bigger kitchen, living room, dining room, 2.5 bath, 2 patios, small yard and a family room. Yes, much bigger! I am sure I will be posting a bunch of pictures at some point. We turned in our lease and deposit last week and are moving in 3 weeks (OMG....yes 3 weeks!). So we are going to be super busy packing over the next few weeks and I am super nervous about how to get this all done with a baby.

Before that happens, while we are packing, next weekend we have plans on both Friday and Saturday night ("Hunger Games"girls night out for this momma). The next weekend is Easter which just entails dyeing eggs, making Miller's Easter basket (I mean, helping the Easter Bunny), church and brunch. Then the next week, Miller turns 6 month so we start solid food, our 6 year dating anniversary so we want to go on a date and we move so rush to pack, clean and hold on tight to our sanity.

I am hoping I might have a little help while I unpack but either way, that is what I will be doing the week after the move. The weekend of the 21st I will probably be going to Knoxville for a week. The first weekend in May is the lone weekend of nothing to do. I am sure it will be errands and still unpacking.

On the 10th, I am packing up with Miller, my grandparents and mom and going to Oklahoma for my cousins wedding. The next weekend we are going to Knoxville for my college friends wedding. The following week we are going to Memphis to visit with Ben's family and his best friends wedding.

In early June I have my cousins wedding, and a shower that I am helping plan (which I have to manage to do in there somewhere).

I am seriously so overwhelmed that I want to cry. I know it will all get done somehow and I will probably feel better once the move is done. Please pray for me and be patient. I will try to do my normal posts.

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