Sunday, March 18, 2012

Trusty Family St Patrick's Day

So St Patrick's Day is a big deal to me. While yes, my family is Irish, but isn't everyones?  That is one reason we have always celebrated but it is also because my high school was the Fighting Irish so we always made it a big deal.

Like all holidays, I took some pictures of Mr Miller. 

On Saturday, I made green pancakes. These are mine that have chocolate chips in them. 

Our little green family. We were out all day like this and at the first store I saw other people in non-green and I wondered if they thought we were morons.  Then I saw a mom and her two kids in all green, then another family, then another. I felt better then!

Ben's green beer my Bailey's chocolate milk.
 For dinner I made shepherds pie. 

We had Irish Cupcakes for dessert.

I hope you all had a lucky St Patrick's Day!


  1. Cute!! We were in all green as well (hubs was even sporting a kilt) and when we stopped for gas he looked at all the people walking around and said 'Its like they dont even know its St. Patricks day!'

  2. Bekah, that is hilarious! I felt the same way. Everyone not in green should be ashamed. I saw the pictures on your blog and that is awesome that your hubby wore a kilt.