Monday, April 9, 2012

Miller's 1st Easter

I have talked about this with my friend Heather and she agrees, it is hard to celebrate holidays when your kids are still little. You try to do the traditional things, but who are we kidding, they are mostly for us parents. Like Miller cares if he gets presents from Santa, or a Valentine, or if the Easter bunny fills his basket with goodies.

Despite my skepticism, I still do these little things because I figure we are starting traditions. Last weekend, Heather and I heard about a Easter egg hunt in our town. Not that Miller knew what was going on, but Isla got to enjoy it a bit.

Isla took Miller's pacifier but was so sweet and helped him get back in his mouth.

This is about as close as we got to participation from Miller.

One night this past week, we were packing in Miller's room and he would not stop fussing until Ben did this. He sat like this for an hour.

Saturday night we dyed Easter eggs. Ben and I always wear bunny ears while we do that so Miller did too. You can see the mess of moving in the background.

Funny story. Saturday I was on the phone with my mom and she asked what Miller was doing. I said he was trying to eat my hand and when he did, I felt something sharp. I said no way a few times but yep, there is definitely a tooth in there. I can not believe we had no idea he was teething.

He did not like us trying to get  a picture of his tooth. 

I love this look. Like, "Okay I am smiling, now leave me alone".

 Ta-da, the tooth! You can also see where he has two more in there. It is hard to see in pictures but they are definitely there.

He dropped all the eggs about a minute later. At least they are hard boiled. 

He was such a good boy at church. Even though we sat in the cry room, he was so quiet and behaved. He feel asleep towards the end and got a little nap before brunch at Cheesecake Factory.

This is us recreating the picture from last year. The only difference, I am not pregnant and have Miller, Isla has grown so much and all three of the other ladies here are pregnant. Who knows what this picture will look like next year. 

After brunch we went to a park and took his 6 month pictures, which I will be posting this week. We cam home and dug into his Easter basket.  Miller (daddy really) got some Peeps, clothes and a toy phone.

We all took a nap, except Miller woke up after 30 minutes so he came in our bed and played with mommy while daddy slept. It was still fun!

We hope you all had a wonder Easter weekend!

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  1. So cute! Love his little bubba lip/sad face! lol sorry Miller! <3 Happy Easter!

    Send me your picture of us... I look ginormous in the one Cliff took whew!