Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Miller: Week 25

We are here. The past few weeks have been busy but I have not had too much to take pictures of. Here are a few random pics.

Chillin in his chair.

Chillin in his swing (which he barely fits in).

He has become quite the contortionist. 

Ben's sister Liz came in a few weeks ago and hung out with mostly Miller and I. Here we are out to lunch.

We went out to meet some of Liz's friends for dinner. Look how cute my matching boys are!

As soon as Liz left we started packing up the house for our move. Talk about stressful! It is bad enough to have to move at all, but with a baby it is almost impossible. Ben and I can only get so much done at night in between our normal schedule and during the day, Miller goes from this...... screaming in 30 seconds.It makes it hard to get anything done. I feel like we are doing pretty well but I also think there is a lot of  things lying around that needs to be dealt with. The good thing is that we do our walk through on Tuesday so we get to start moving in for a few days before the official move day. I feel like that will help me see what needs to be done after we have moved some stuff out. Plus, we have lots of help with this move so I hope it goes quicker and smoother than out last one. 

This past weekend we went to an Easter Egg hunt, and this weekend we have some Easter festivities. I will post those pics soon.

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