Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Miller: Month Six

(This is a week late because I was waiting for his correct measurements from his doctors appointment.)

Guess who is a whole half of a year old? MILLER!! I totally cried when he turned 5 months but I was somewhat excited about 6 months because it meant that he could try real food. I am slightly worried that it will be more of a hassle but I am excited for him to try new things. I am also feeling so good to say that we have made it half of a year. Yes, there is a very long road ahead of us but we are settling so well as a family.

Everything looked good at our appointment. He is developing perfectly. He had a vision test that he passed with flying colors. He cried for the shots and was whiny on the way home but took them pretty well. 

Weight: 19lbs (+10lbs 14oz)- 75th percentile

Height: 27.5" (+ 6")- 75th percentile

Head: 18.5" (+3.5")- same as last month, which is off the chart but following the curve

Sleep: Before I start this, I need to knock on wood. I would like to think that we have turned a corner. While nothing is consistent and that drives me crazy, he is starting to sleep longer stretches at night. In the past two weeks, we have had over half of those nights starting with a 6-9 hour stretch, eating and back to sleep until morning. He does do a restless whiny thing sometimes in the morning stretch. As for naps, most days he takes at least one 1.5 hour nap, sometimes two of those, and sometimes those naps are longer. Like I said, at this point I just wish he was consistent and we could get on a schedule. I hate never knowing what the day will bring. We said we would give him a month on solid food and see how his sleep regulated before we began any sleep training. It seems like our main problem is not sleeping all the way through the night. We have a lot going on in the next month so we will work on it after that.

Eating: I have been trying to stretch out his feedings to 3 hours apart but sometimes it is shorter if we are going somewhere and I want to nurse him before we go. In the past week, he has started solids. I was going to go the traditional route with cereal, then veggie purees and then fruit purees but so far this kid is not a fan. I think we will be going with starting him eating finger foods of what we eat (the baby appropriate things of course). It was something I was thinking about doing anyways but seeing Miller with his oatmeal and then with pasta noodles have solidified my choice.

Best Moment: I love watching him eat. It is so cute to see him mentally process what is in his mouth.

Milestones: He is sitting up by himself. He got his first and second tooth within a week of each other. He can sit up from laying on his back.

Monthly Wisdom: I love this quote I found on-line. "The love a mother feels for her sons is a miracle. It is natural for a woman to love a girl baby with whom she shares a place in history, culture, and biology. But to love so much that you would be willing to die for beings so vastly different from yourself is nothing short of miraculous" ~Karin Kasin

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
- Getting Miller adjusted to the new house.
- I would love to get him on a schedule but we have 5 trips in 7 weeks so I doubt that will happen.
- Getting him eating all sorts of new foods. 

Things Miller is doing:
- He loves playing peek a boo
- He thinks it is so funny when I steal his pacifier (the outside of it) and attacks me to get it back.
- He gives kisses.
- He reaches for people. It is so sweet when I was rushing around trying to do stuff while we were moving and I would whiz by him and he would reach for me.
- He started to army crawl when he really wants something.
- He is starting with food and learning to bring food to his mouth to eat.
- He also started with a sippy cup.
- He imitates waving to people. He did for our pediatrician today and I was so proud. 


  1. Oh my goodness, that first pic reminds me SO much of Ben! Happy 6 months, Miller! :)

  2. So fun!!! He doesn't look too sure about things in the last picture. :)