Thursday, September 20, 2012

Colored Ice Cubes and Bath time

I am going to try something new. I am making no promises but we will see how this goes. For a while now, I have been meaning to do more activities with Miller. I believe that it is important for Miller to do a good bit of independent play and just explore but I want to do some structured activities with him to expose him to new things. I am going to try to do at least one activity a week with Miller and blog about it on here. I love when things are themed so I am so excited to plan things around holidays or the seasons. Yes, I already have Halloween and Fall activities planned and I am working on Winter, Christmas, heck, even Valentine's and St. Patrick's Day. 

There are not a ton of things that you can do with a little one his age when everything goes in his mouth still (geez, I am so ready for this phase to be over with). We have done baby safe  finger paints already so what was next? I came across some other blogs having kids play with ice cubes on a hot day so I figured it would be just as fun in the bath tub. My only mistake is that I poured the water in the cubes, then dyed them with food coloring. Next time I will color and then pour, because the colors were way too saturated and heavy. 

I wanted to start slowly and only give him one at a time so he could concentrate on them. I only used half of them because 16 would have taken forever.

Getting excited!

"What is going on mommy?"

I handed him the green one and the first thing he did was eat it. 

I got it out of his mouth threw it in the water. He chased it around for a while until it melted and then I threw in another one.

I did empty the tub halfway through so we could have clear water again but next time we do this with less saturated ice cubes, I hopefully will not have to do that. 

He is always so happy when we wrap him in a towel. Since I had my camera sitting there, I had to snap a picture of it.

Oh my goodness I just love him!

Hopefully, no definitely, I will have a new activity next week. (Okay, I am cheating and already have it done).


  1. Love this idea. I've been wanting to try it. You may have convinced me ;]

  2. I made large sheets of ice using old Tupperware containers a few years ago for my boys to play with in the tub, but after adding food coloring, I decided to let them play on the driveway instead because I was afraid of it staining the tub or their skin. Was that not a problem? If not, I'll try it with my two-year-old daughter. It's also a fun way to cool off bath water that's too hot. My parents used to do this to us when we were little (but with plain ice cubes).

    Thanks for sharing on Mar's Linky Party where I'm co-hosting this week.

    Bonny @

    1. Nope, it does not stain the tub at all. As for his skin, it shouldn't if you do it the way I suggested by coloring the water first. Since they were really saturated, a few that he picked up stained his skin for a moment but by the time he was done with his bath, it had washed off.