Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Miller Week 46 and 47

My mom was here a few weeks ago to visit and babysit while we went to a wedding. During the day on Saturday we all got decked out in our UT orange and went downtown for our friends art show and then to Ikea.

"Go Vols!!"

The following Monday, we watched Heather's little girl Ruby so her momma could rest a bit. Miller did not know what to think. He kept wanting to touch her but as gentle as he can for being almost one year old.  (He has got some crazy boy band hair here).

Reading books before bed.

We had playgroup on Thursday morning and it was a little chilly. You know, the chilly where it starts out cold but then gets warm and you are sweating. That is why we layered. It was the first time he wore a hoodie and I loved it. Such a big boy!

This is a signature Miller face. 

Miller naps with two blankets. A small muslin one that he also has a nights, and a large, guazy one from Ikea. He starts out the naps with the blankets up to under his arms but after a few minutes, he has fallen asleep on top of them. Last week, I heard him crying on the monitor (normal) so I went to check out the camera and this is what I saw. He was covered in the blanket and walking around. I ran upstairs, all while laughing, to rescue him. He was standing as still as can be in the middle of the crib like this. I seriously was hurting from crying so hard and that made him stop crying and laugh. I guess he was practicing for Halloween.

Here is my handsome guy helping his daddy on the computer. Notice the crab on the shirt because he was a crab that day.


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