Saturday, September 15, 2012

Catching Up and Labor Day

I feel like I keep having to apologize on here but once again, sorry for being gone. Honestly, nothing too exciting has been happening around here. Combine that with me trying to work efficiently on some projects.

Miller's birthday is in less than a month (I know I owe you all an 11th month update which I have almost ready to go), so I have been trying to set goals each week to get it all done. I have almost everything done but now it comes down to planning out and taking Miller's one year pictures. I will probably be doing it in two weeks so I have enough time to get some printed before his birthday but they will be close to when he is actually one year.

I also have a huge long list of house projects that I am trying to tackle. I was getting pretty overwhelmed with everything so I am "assigning" myself one a week. I have posted about a few of them on Wives Unscripted. At this point, I am trying to get some things done, so our house is presentable for Miller's party here, which involves unpacking finally. After living here for 5 months, I finally finished Miller's nursery (which I have to post about too).

I am also working on converting all of Miller's diapers from Velcro to snaps. It does not sound like much work but it takes a ton of time. Remove velcro with a seam ripper, mark new holes, punch new holes with an awl, then finally use snap pliers to apply the snaps (and there are 24 on each diaper). And let me tell you, those darn snap pliers only do half the work. I have worked my arms into exhaustion so bad I can not brush my teeth a few times. I had 25 of our diapers to do when I started and offered  to do Heather's 20. I now have 2 of ours left and 15 of Heathers. I just want them done and out of the way.

My next project to start on is Miller's Halloween costume but now that I finally sat down and planned it out, I am not as overwhelmed. I would love to find a not too hard autumn home decoration craft to do too.

For now, here are a few Miller pics to tide you over.

Miller has been teething and the first night we were in TN for Labor Day, he was up multiple times and once he would not stop crying for an hour and a half. He ended up sleeping most of the night in bed with me and this is the little face I woke up to. The funny thing is that they were replacing my moms roof and the banging was ridiculous. He was the only one who could sleep through it.

He went to the park with mom and Ally. He was already sufficiently worn out by the time Ben and I meet up with them there but still had the energy to run over to us.

Playing in his pool at my parents house. 

He loves swinging. 

We finally upgraded him to a convertible carseat so we took out his old one. I wanted to take a picture in his carrier so we could have a comparison to his going home picture from the hospital. This is what he used it for- an apparatus to climb. 

I will be posting his 11th month update in a day or so. I promise!

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