Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March Pictures

So I have had a little absence from blogging. It is not that I do not care about blogging anymore but I found myself thinking of doing things with the intention of blogging rather than just doing them. When I would do activities with Miller, I spent more time focusing on taking good pictures rather than being in the moment with him. I decide to keep blogging but not with the purpose of doing things to blog about them. Does that make sense? Here are some pictures from the last few weeks.

This kid is crazy about blueberries lately. The fun thing about that is that everything turns blue/purple. His mouth, teeth, fingers, etc (I am not going to go into details but I am sure you get what I am saying). 

 We set up a new activity area for Miller in our dining room. There are some drawers and containers to put stuff in but for now, we know Miller would just empty them onto the floor so they are empty. Lately he grabs this one and wears it on his head. It is so cute because he thinks that he is so funny when he does it. 

When I was pregnant, I saw this adorable suit from Gwen Stefani's Harijuku Kids line at Target. I wanted it to so badly but not for $20. I waited for it to be on sale and nabbed it but it was only in 18months. I found it in the closet last week and had to put it on him. They are his formal PJs.

Notice the shopping cart there? We were at a consignment store and while I was looking through clothes, Miller played with that. We knew that we could not leave without it and it was only $3 so we got it. The problem was when we tried to get him into the car, we literally had to pry it out of his fingers as he kicked and screamed. For the next couple of days he was obsessed with it. 

I do have a few more posts to put up soon and I am sure there will be some things from this weekend.

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