Thursday, March 28, 2013

Miller's New Activity Area

I blogged about setting up Miller's activity area over at Wives Unscripted but I wanted to show it off over here too. You can go over there for more info on the details though.

We knew that Miller was getting to the age where he would color and need a space to do activities. I had been on Pinterest and Craigslist, looking for the right plan for us. Ultimately we bought some things and reused others from around the house. We decided to use a corner in our dining room since it was somewhere that we had space and we could keep an eye on him.

Dining Room Before

Dining Room After

There is a bookshelf that we painted on the right, with some bins from Dollartree. Next to that, there is a filing cabinet that we painted. As I mentioned in another post, all of these things are empty since we do not exactly trust Miller to leave them contained. The frames on the wall are just some simple Goodwill frames, painted, cork backing and clips so that we can hang Miller's artwork in style. The small table is from Ikea and we painted it the color from Miller's room. The little chairs are also from Ikea. There is a pegboard behind the table that will eventually have hooks and other organizing tools when he is a bit older. Obviously I painted that. Oh and I hung vinyl table cloths on the wall and put down carpet squares to contain any future messes.

For Christmas I made this board for Miller from an oil drip pan. It is chalkboard on one side......

.....and fabric on the other. It is the perfect place to use the quilted alphabet that Miller got for his birthday from the Campbell's.

We put it all together when Miller was napping so we could see his reaction when he woke up to see it. He ran straight to it and was so excited to see the chairs. 

For now, I put his snack and water there and he will sit for a few minutes. It is so cute that he gets excited to sit there. He is getting craft stuff from the Easter Bunny (so it told me) and I am excited to play with him in his new activity area.

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