Monday, June 3, 2013

May Happenings

I thought that I would do a separate Mother's Day post but I just never got around to it. I figured it was just easier to do a whole May update since not too much happened.

Last year, Miller and I were in Oklahoma for Mother's Day so Ben got off the hook. This year he had to step it up. The boys got up and let me sleep in. They walked to Dunkin Donuts and got me coffee and doughnuts. Once they got home then came upstairs to give me a special heart shaped doughnut in bed but Miller sat down next to me and stole it.

After a little while, they left to run some "errands" and came back to set this up. 

That afternoon we packed up the food they had gotten and we went for a picnic. This is our view from the picnic area in the back of our neighborhood. 

This was not the best picture of us but at least I got one picture of my baby and I on this special day. 

The next weekend, Ben left work early and we went out to Marietta to the Greek Fest. We had been 3 years ago but that was before Miller. I am not a fan on Greek food so the boys ate the food, and I had dessert.

I love this face!

Our baklava sundae. Yum!

He has this habit where he has to pile up all of his animals when he sits. On this day, he wanted every pillow and blanket in the living room, plus his animals. Such a goofy kid!

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