Tuesday, May 6, 2014

New House Tour

This is a lot of pictures so I apologize in advance. A lot of our family and friends said they wanted to see pictures of the new house so I figured this would be the easiest way to give a little tour. I was wanting to get some pictures of the outside but maybe I will do a separate tour of the outside.

Starting upstairs, this is Miller's room. It was pink (which you would think we would just leave it and make this Scarlett's room) but it has already been painted to more boyish colors.

This is the full bathroom upstairs. It is pretty clean and neutral but definitely needs to be updated some.

This is Scarlett's room which has already been painted as well.

This is the guest room (sorry the pic is a bit blurry).

Here is the foyer from the upstairs, walking across to our room.

Our bedroom.

Our bedroom, looking at the closet (on the left) and the bathroom (opened door on the right).

Our bathroom. It was updated recently which I love. It just needs some window treatments, some paint and some art.

Looking up in the foyer.

The dining room.

The kitchen. I really want to tackle getting this fixed up over the next few months. I plan on painting/staining the cabinets, painting the trim white and painting the walls, as well as a  few other tweaks.

All of this parquet flooring and the carpets on this floor have been removed and hardwood has been put down. The hardwood in the dining room and foyer are refinished so that they all match.

This is the hall looking down the hall to the living room. The half bath is on the left. You can see the bi-fold doors to the laundry right there. I have plans to make that bigger and more of a laundry room down the road.

The living room. This room has been painted as well.

The door way on the left is to going back to the foyer and you can see the door to the basement there. Then there is the coat closet (from left to right), wet bar and hallway back to the kitchen. I totally thought that the wet bar was unnecessary but it is serving us well as a closet to store our cloth diapers.

This is the playroom. It is a formal living room but it is a perfect playroom. Eventually when the kids are older and we move the playroom downstairs, we will put up some French doors it will be the office/ craft room.

This is the garage looking from the doors.

Here is  the other view (yeah it is a garage so not too impressive).

The basement.

The full bathroom in the basement.

I am pretty overwhelmed with all of the things that I want to do but I know we need to move in and live there a while before I start tackling huge projects. I plan on taking care of the kids rooms first and getting the living room and play room set up. I want to do the kitchen soon and eventually get to the rest of the main floor before we get to fixing up the rest of the rooms upstairs and the basement.

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  1. Whitney, I love it! I know you are going to have such awesome ideas for making it a home for the Trusties - can't wait to see it come to fruition! Good luck!