Monday, August 18, 2014

Scarlett Monthly Update: Month Eight

Weight: 20lbs 13oz (+12lbs 2oz) (Miller was 20lbs 10oz)

Height: 28.5in (+8in) (Miller was 29in)

Head: 18in (+4.25in) (Miller was 19"in)

Sleep: Well the good news here is that she seems to be improving. She has been getting better about waking up and putting herself back to sleep so that we are now getting longer stretches of sleep from her. Definitely not sleeping through the night but at least she is not screaming her head off every hour because she wants to be held. I am hesitant to say that these are permanent changes because she is not consistent day to day, but overall she has been much better. She even did good stretches of sleep in the PacknPlay at the beach, which I could not get her to sleep in last time we went to Tennessee. Even with naps she has been sleeping 1.5-2 hours, however that is only once a day. 

I am only nervous that since she has discovered crawling and pulling up, she might wake up and start playing in her bed. I am hoping that we skip over  that possible phase. Ben did find her standing in her crib greeting him when he went to get her one morning so we had to lower her crib some.

Eating:  Nursing is going the same. As for solids, lots of different people gave her lots of different foods at the beach so she is getting used to new things. However, at home I just give her what we have and sometimes that does not offer her a lot of variety. Oh well, you can tell the girl is not starving.

Best Moment:  I love watching her play by herself. She is so happy to discover and figure out new things. It is even cuter when her and Miller play. It does not last very long before one of them annoys the other one but it is sweet while it lasts. 

Milestones: I officially have a crawler and a stander. She crawls all around the house, and pulls up to everything. Part of me wants  to hate it because that means my baby is getting bigger but I just can not help but love it. I was the same way with Miller. They just look so content to be able to get themselves around. You can just see this "Eureka" moment happen for them, like, "so this is how the big people do it". She can also stand independently for a bit. This girl has always had good balance.

Monthly Wisdom: I am suddenly seeing how far we have already come with her. We have a long way to go in terms of raising her but I am noticing how different her first year has been so far compared to Millers. It has been much more even keeled adjusting to having two kids than adjusting to the first one.

Goals for the Upcoming Month: She has been sleeping decently so I am hoping that is a permanent change and in a few weeks we will transition her out of the swaddle. I know we could have done it a while ago but it is for my security. It has always been a part of our night time routine and signal to her to go to sleep but most nights she gets out of it after being in bed for a while and sleeps fine. I am just afraid we will do without it and she will have trouble getting to sleep.

Things Scarlett is doing
-She has gotten better at getting food to her mouth. 
-Crawling, pulling up and standing like a champ.
- She dances when she hears a song come on that she likes.
-She has started to sit in the cart when we go to stores and she LOVES it. She went with me to the craft store and flirted and smiled with everyone and when they looked at her to give her attention, she would flap her little arms and bounce up and down with the biggest smile.
- She plays and just babbles to herself. It is so stinking cute!

They are looking less and less similar as time goes on but I feel like they still look like siblings. They just have completely different face shapes

Here is them next to each other now. So different but some similarities. 

 Here are a few extra shots of her. 

She wanted to show off her new skills for this months photo shoot. 

He was being so sweet and wanted a picture with her. He kisses on her all the time. 

This is not a great picture but it accurately captures her hair and the red that is coming out in it.   

Happy girl.


This is from last week. She crawled over to the window, and just stared outside and babbled. She was a happy girl.


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