Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas Events

So I am WAAAAAAAAAAYYY behind and I have good reasons. Before I get started with pictures, let me recap the last few months.

 Late September we went to Disney. We came home and a week later was Miller's birthday party which I went all out for. Two weeks later, my grandmother had a stroke and we took a last minute trip up to TN to visit her. We came home and Halloween was a few days later. The next weekend my grandmother passed away and another 5 day trip to TN. We were home for 10 days and then back to TN for Thanksgiving which was extended two days because Ben had a meeting there on the following Tuesday. A week after we got home, my mom came to visit so we could do some Christmas activities. At the same time we got word that Ben's grandmother passed away so we had to push up Scarlett's birthday party a day and go to Memphis on her birthday for a 5 day trip there. We came home for two days where I frantically tried to wrap up all of our Christmas stuff. We left for TN for my sisters shower a few days before Christmas. Normally we would be there from Christmas Eve through January 2nd but again, Ben had a meeting so that got extended to the 6th. Well on Monday the 5th my sister went to her 38th week doctors appointment to be told that she needed to be induced that day. That makes our two week trip to TN grow to three weeks.

I am exhausted and just want to be home. I really want a stretch of time at home because we have a laundry list of projects we want to start on this year. In the past two months, we have only been home for 3 weeks. Ugh!

Now to pictures.

My babies in some Christmas pictures. Love them!

Our annual Christmas potluck with our friends.

While mom was at our house, we went to the Botanical Gardens. I love this event! I love going to look at Christmas lights but it is hard with kids in car seats so this is the perfect way to go look at lights with them.

This is sort of out of order but here our a couple of pictures from my sisters shower. 

My stepmom and sister, Lindsey.


My sister and I. 

Since we had to move Scarlett's birthday party, my parents could not come so Scarlett opened her present her. Lindsey doesn't mind sharing the spotlight with her. 


That is from me of course. 


I can not believe that my baby sister is having a baby. As this is posting, she is in labor and I am so excited for my first niece.

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