Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekly Update: 17 weeks

How far along: 17 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 7 lbs

Maternity clothes: Some but I am still not happy with my bump (as you can tell by the picture). It is just looking like awkward chubbiness in most clothes. I tried on my bathing suits for our beach trip in 4 weeks and almost cried. It has 4 weeks to get cute or Ben says he is making me wear a sign saying that I am pregnant and not fat.

Stretch marks: I just keep noticing my old ones but I do not think there are any new ones.

Sleep: I am having a major problem with soreness and already waddling so I started using a few extra pillows to get comfy at night.

Best moment this week: Starting to feeling movement from the inside

Movement: On Friday night, I was waiting for Ben to come home. I was sitting there just feeling my bump for movement. Ben got home and joined me, and after a few moments I felt a bubble or how your stomach flips when you are on a ride but lower. It was the coolest thing! Now I am feeling it a few times a day.

Food cravings: No cravings really

Food aversions: The old things are not bothering me anymore but I am still not eating them.

Gender: 4 days!!!

Labor Signs: No please!

Belly Button in or out? Same old, same old

What I miss: Not worrying about eating enough veggies or fruits.

What I am looking forward to: Duh, anatomy scan on Friday!

Weekly Wisdom: This is so tough every week. Lately I have had a lot of breakthroughs in my understanding of what we will be registering for.

Milestones: I am pretty excited that I have made it to the anatomy scan this week.

Measurements: Chest -1”,Waist -.5”, Hips +.5”

Take my poll to the right with your guess as to what pumpkin is. Stay tuned on Friday and I will post an update from our anatomy scan.

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  1. I will be out of town Friday, so you MUST e-mail or text or even CALL me! I am so excited for you! And I don't think you look "chubby."