Monday, December 5, 2011

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

As I mentioned last week, last Monday was Ben's 30th birthday. We got to celebrate with our family in Knoxville but we did not want to leave out our friends here in Atlanta. We went out on Friday with our friends. From left circling the table, Julie, David, Heather, Steve, Lindsey, Lance, Isla, me and Miller was in his carrier at the end. Oddly enough, the birthday boy took the picture.

I am trying to balance (not very well) December with trying to get everyday stuff done with an infant but wanting to do seasonal stuff because it is his first Christmas. We are still trying to get our house in shape from having a baby, then still unpacking from when I was in TN for two weeks, putting out Christmas decor, and majorly need to clean.

We found time to run down to the town square in Roswell to see the newly lit Christmas tree (we missed the actual lighting part). Miller loved the tree!

Sunday night we went with Lindsey, Lance, Jaimelynn and Cliff to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens to see the holiday light show. Miller slept through half of it but seemed to like what he was awake for. It did the job to get me in the actual holiday spirit because I was just not feeling it all up until this past weekend.

We came home on Sunday night and Miller was in a good mood, so I laid him under our Christmas tree. He normally loves lights and this was no exception. This is honestly the best present I could ever ask for under our tree last year. In fact, that is all I wanted last year and I got it a few weeks later so I am hoping that what I want this year happens the same way.

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