Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Miller: Month Two

Miller had his 2 month appointment so it is perfect time for his update with his stats. The numbers in parantheses is from birth.

12lbs 12oz (+4lbs 10oz)

Height: 23.25in (+1.75in)

Head: 17in (+2in)

Sleep: He is still a good boy with sleep. Normally goes to bed about midnight, sleeps for 5-6 hours, eats, sleeps for another 2-3 hours, eats, sleeps for another 2 hours. During the day he takes some short naps in between feedings.

Eating: When I was back in Knoxville, sometimes he was eating every hour and a half. They were not even good feedings. I got so frustrated. When we came home I started trying to space out his feedings to every 2.5-3 hours. This has been a lifesaver!!! I am able to figure out better what he needs because I know when it is hunger or he is tired. I have had a hard time with feeling out of control and like I can not communicate with him. Now that this eating thing has been working out, I feel much more in control and saner.

Best Moment: Since we have got the fussiness in control, he can be so smiley. There are so many moments in the day when he just lays there cooing and smiling. It makes everything in the world better in my opinion.

Milestones: He is so strong! I have had to adjust the position I feed him in because he was was trying to stand up every time. Also, he definitely recognizes our faces and voices. He was following my voice around the room at Ben's Christmas party last week.

Monthly Wisdom: As I said above, I have been stressed out with his lack of schedule. I have heard different thing about the pros and cons of schedules but I was just craving a routine. The past few weeks have really shown me the pros of having a routine but not having a set schedule. I have the flexibility to adjust feedings and naps around what we need to do, but have some predictability to rely on and read him by.

Goals for the Upcoming Month: Since it is the new year, we have quite a few "resolutions". I told Ben I was giving us one more month of being in newborn mode before we started to get back to normal life. Plus, there was no point in establishing routines that we will never be able to keep up while we are in Knoxville for Christmas. Here are the goals we will start in January.

1) Work on Miller sleeping in his crib.
2) Miller do a bottle with Ben every night.
3) Mommy get an hour of alone time every night.
4) Start our babysitting exchanges with our friends Heather and Steve.

Like I said, Miller's 2 month appointment was today. He had 5 shots (ouch!!) but the nurse was so fast. He was so happy during most of the appointment, cried for the shots but was calm once we got in the car and started driving. He slept for two hours, ate and was surprisingly so happy when he woke up. See his bandaids on his legs.

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