Sunday, December 11, 2011

Miller Week 7

Here are some pics from our past week.

Miller kept pulling my robe over his face more. It was so cute!

I put him down so I could shower. I thought I could trick him by laying him on the Boppy and a pillow but he was not fooled for long.

Miller in his leg warmers mommy made him.

We went out Wednesday night to run some Christmas errands. He was so good for the most part. This was the only time he fussed and it was because we had to put him back in his carrier after we ate dinner. I love his mad face!

Here is Miller and I at Ben's office for his Christmas party.

My boys!

Friday morning, I watched my friend Heather's little girl, Isla. I have a picture of them from 6 weeks ago like this. I will be showing them off at their wedding.

Miller was giving me some good smiles.

His outfit on Saturday- tie dye and argyle. Very trendy!

Look for his 2nd month update in the next couple of days.

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