Monday, December 19, 2011

Miller Week 8

This was a busy week. Ben was out of town for 3 days. My mom was here for 4 days. Did all of our Christmas baking. Miller had his two month appointment with his first set of shots. Friday I got sick and had an urgent trip to the clinic at Walgreens. All this and I am pretty sure Miller had a growth spurt which meant more work in feedings and interesting sleeping patterns.

Here are some pictures from last Sunday when we were trying to clean the house. Miller was helping daddy.

How do you unwind from a long day of watching a movie. Miller was watching "Home Alone" with us.

This is how he fell asleep on Ben that night.

Miller helping Ninny and I make buckeyes.

This was Miller right after his shots. He was fine once we got him in the car and he slept. Oddly enough, he was in a great mood for the rest of the day.

He loves to watch this thing on mom's phone where a Jello cube dances to music. He is mesmerized. I have a video of this and he is trying to grab it.

As I said above, I got sick and I am on some antiobiotics and the pharmacists advised me to not nurse him for two hours after I took the meds. So I fed him when I got home, pumped and Ben fed him his last bottle for the night. I always said I wanted Ben to do a bottle with him everyday but have yet to do it so this was the first time Ben has gotten to feed him.

I did a gift exchange with some friends and this is what Miller got from my friend Amy. She crocheted it herself and it is gorgeous! Miller got all snuggly when I covered him up in it.

I have heard of people bathing with their children as a bonding thing, so I took a bath with Miller last weekend. Also, I do not want him to be afraid or hate the water (like his dad) if I can help it. He was pretty good for a bit. On Sunday while Ben was taking a shower, we threw Miller in with him since it was his bath night anyways. He actually liked the water going over his head, he just does not like being cold.

Drying off post- bath.

We are headed to Knoxville this week so I am sure my next posts will be mostly Christmas related.

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