Monday, January 30, 2012

Miller's 3 Month Pictures

Part of my reasoning in spending so much money on getting me a DSLR was to take Miller's 1st year pictures. I am by no means a professional but it is a hobby and how can I get better if I do not practice. I had always planned on getting Miller's pictures taken at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months and if I paid a couple of hundred dollars (at least that) per a session, then a camera would more than pay for itself. There is no way I would attempt to have done his newborn pictures because I was too spaced out, but now that we are more settled I knew I could do it.

I learned that the bigger challenge was the editing process. Every time I would think I was done editing, I would learn a new trick and start all over again. I finally got them to where I am pretty happy with them. I still have lots to learn though.

I would really appreciate any comments you all have. Please make me feel good about my decision to not spend the money on a professional session.

This is my favorite

He always has his mouth open right now. Either he is mimicking us, trying to eat everything, or giving kisses.

Love those eyes!

So tired of all of this! (BTW, taking these before he had a meltdown was stressful).

He is always slobbering and blowing bubbles and I love that the lens flare framed it.

I am actually begging for comments now!


  1. They look great, Whitney! I DEFINITELY think it was money well spent. In addition to the milestones all the daily pictures you take will be much better and you can't pay someone to follow your kid around! I love the one close up of his face/eyes with the dark background. I'm no photography critique though so I can just say they're cute!

    And him trying to eat your face is too cute. And, I also have to add that you're looking great, mama!

  2. You do NOT need a pro session. This is such a great idea and it helps when your child is ah-freaking-dorable!! They look great - I love the one of you both head to head with the sun in the background. The one of daddy helping him stand up. He looks so big!! Great job mama!

  3. Whit, these photos are amazing! I need you to help me learn all those photography tricks. They really do look great, and I can't believe how big he is getting! Love the one of you two on the steps of the gazebo. xx

  4. Im LOOOOVING all the sun flare! Good job!