Sunday, August 12, 2012

Just a Little Blog Update

I have been a bad blogger. It is not that nothing has been going on blog worthy, but more there has been too much going on.

We have actually been home for 4 weeks and that is the longest stretch in this house and almost the longest stretch since Miller has been born. Since we have been home, I have been tackling a few projects around the house, mostly crafty home decor stuff which I eventually will be blogging about. We also managed to unpack a bit more. We still have some things in boxes and not in their final place, but we are mostly settled for our day to day use.

My two best friends here in Atlanta, both had their babies, 5 days apart. It has been quite exciting, just busy with 4 separate trips to the hospital this week, watching other children, and taking some newborn pictures. Last weekend we had Heather's older daughter, Isla while her parents were in the hospital with Miss Ruby. Isla was great but my kid can be a pain. He had so much fun with her and was sad to see her go home. This week we had to do some serious arranging so that Heather and I could go see Lindsey with her new little Luke. I am so happy that we now all have babies that can grow up together (and then get married and give us grandbabies).

My mom was here last weekend, yes when Heather had Ruby, so it was a huge help to have her around. She helped out with both kids, and babysat so Ben and I could go visit at the hospital and go on a date.

Other big news in our world, Miller has had two more teeth come in on top, bringing the total to 6 and he started walking. For a few weeks now, he will take a few steps every couple of days with a lot of coaxing. Mom and I worked with him on Monday and now he is walking all over the place. I am so proud of my big boy.

Alrighty, now that I unloaded, I need to start posting some pictures and maybe a video or two. I will be working on Ruby's newborn pictures and then I will get around to posting some on here. Hope it is sooner rather than later. Have a good week blog world!


  1. Enjoy being home for a while! I have a ton of pregnant friends and it's so exciting that our kids will get to grow up together.

  2. Yay for walking!!! Can't wait to see the pictures that you took!