Thursday, August 2, 2012

Miller Week 40

In our second week in Knoxville we had visitor that Miller got to meet, my stepbrother Joe, sister in law Leslie and nephew Silas. Miller was so excited to meet his cousin.

Pheobe and Miller snacking..

Jake was so patient and snagged a Goldfish when no one was looking. 

Silas is such a cutie! I love his little cabbage patch kid cheeks. 

The boys loved watching each other play. 

We went out to eat for Mitchell's 18th birthday. Miller was trying a lime. 


The reaction to the lime.

We had these chocolate covered pretzel sticks. I took a bite and Miller asked for it. I gave it to him and gnawed on it for a while.

Watching the rain. 

On our way out of town, we went to the cabin. Miller and Silas got in the baby pool (aka the hot tub with the temperature turned down). 

My kid loves to splash. 

Silas just sat there and chilled out. 

It was a fun trip and we miss everyone but we were so glad to be back home in our own house and own environment.


  1. They look so adorable. It's nice that they also got to enjoy the hot tub.

  2. I love the picture of Miller standing in front of the door! And he is so adorable with his face covered in chocolate.