Monday, August 20, 2012

Miller: Month Ten

(I know this is late. Sorry! Keeping up with blogging has been kind of hard lately. I am trying to focus more on keeping up with daily life and maintaining my sanity.)

Weight: 21 lbs 4oz (+13 lbs 2oz)

Height: 29" (+ 7.5")

Head: 19.5" (+ 4.5")

Sleep: For once, I am happy to report about this. As I said in his nine month update, we decided to try sleep training Miller to reduce his night time wakings and stop him from getting our bed. In the past month, we have only had a couple of times with two wakings. For the first one, we let him fuss for 5 minutes, go lay him back down with his paci and he goes back to sleep after a few minutes. For the second one (or the first and only on most nights) it is around 5:30 or 6, I get him, bring him to our bed (where I sit up) and nurse him, then put him back in his bed. For the past few days he has actually been sleeping all through the night. As for naps, sometimes they are a little shorter than I would like but for the most part he takes two decent naps.

Eating:As for solids, he is a great eater. In terms of nursing, it is another story. I try to feed him when he wakes up, before naps, around 7 in the evening and before bed. If he does not nurse well before the nap, I try again when he wakes up. Normally 75% of those feedings are not very long because he gets distracted after a minute or two. I am not going to force feed him so I try not to worry.

Best Moment: It is a challenge to pick one best moment. Miller hitting a big milestone (as I mention below). Having Miss Isla over when her mommy had her baby sister and how much fun her and Miller had. Miller reading (also mentioned below).

Milestones: He got two more teeth, says a few words ("Hi", "Mama" which means more, "Dada" when he is babbling, and I swear he says "Love You" when I do) AND he started walking. For the longest time he would only take a step or two but with some bribing we got him to take more and more. Now, he chooses to walk to places rather than crawling. I love him walking. I know some moms cry when their children hit milestones but I love it. He is such an active child and I love to see him find an easier way to get around that makes him so happy.

Monthly Wisdom: As I mentioned in my only recent post, my two best friends had babies. I love, love, love these babies and there are many things I miss from my own child being a newborn but it really makes me appreciate where Miller is. In the past 10 months, we have overcome so many challenges. While the thought of having another baby when we are blessed with another one normally makes me excited, I am more thinking about having to start all over and hoping that we can accomplish the same things that we have with Miller. Plus, newborns are cute and cuddly and so innocent but there is no personality. I remember feeling as if I knew Miller so well when he was brand new and now I realize that I had no idea who he was or myself. Now, we are best buddies. I went to a friends bachelorette party this past weekend and I was so excited to get a break from mommy life but actually I was so glad to be back home and with my boys. I was glad that this was my normal life.

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
- Continuing to plan his birthday. Yes, you read that right. Miller's birthday is coming up in less than two months and I am working on stuff for his pictures and parties. And yes  that was plural because we are having a party in Knoxville and one in Atlanta.
- This kid has been clingy so I am really wanting him to go back to being a bit more independent. I hear this is a phase, that I hope he will soon grow out of.

Things Miller is doing:
- Walking!!!!
- He tries to climb but since he is still little, he can not go too high when he tries hiking up his little leg to get on top of something.
- He loves to read books. Whether it is us reading  to him, or him flipping through a book on his own, this kid loves books!

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