Thursday, August 23, 2012

Miller Week 43

I finally have some time to post some recent pictures.

This is when my mom was in town. Miller loves to play with her glasses. I tried putting them on him to complete the nerd look my mom had started with the outfit and the hair. 

That day, Friday, I got a call in the afternoon from Ben. He asked if we were coming to Beerthirty. I just thought he wanted to know when to head home if we were not  coming. He said Heather was not feeling good and probably needed to go to the hospital. After a bunch of back and forth I finally figured out that she was in labor. We did lots of calling around so I went over and met Ben who drove Heather, and Steve and Isla at their apartment. Yeah she was in labor. We brought Isla home to eat dinner and get settled in for the night while we waited to hear when her little sister was born.

Miller and Isla having a date for dinner. 

Heather had Miss Ruby early that evening. It was super quick! The next day Steve came and picked up Isla to go see her baby sister. We hung out a bit, and got ready. Then Ben and I left the house with Lindsey to go to the hospital. We saw the baby and visited with Steve, Heather and Isla. Then we had lunch. 

Steve brought Isla back that evening. We did not know if we needed to give Isla a bath but we figured it would make for good pictures so after dinner we headed up to Miller's tub. They had so much fun!

I had lots of not web suitable pics so these were the best G rated ones. 

We wrapped them both up and laid them on the bed like we always do with Miller. Normally he rolls over and tries to run away. This time, he rolled over and started to give Isla kisses. He loves her! (sorry the pics are blurry. I was trying to be quick and did not get a chance to adjust my settings).

I put him in his jumperoo in the mornings so I can pump. Most days he goes crazy but this one morning he started dozing off. He has done that 4 times and I have no idea how that is possible. 

Saturday, we finally did some much needed yard work. Ben went outside to trim bushes so he took Miller's jumperoo out there so he could watch while I made breakfast. After a while I saw that he had a couple of bug bites so I brought him in but he still wanted to watch  daddy. 

This is just a random shot from the other day. He looked like such a big boy in this outfit and shoes. 

Most of the pictures that I have taken the past few weeks have been for projects that I have done around the house. Not sure when or where I will post those. I will keep you updated .

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  1. That nerdy pic is too cute!! And he and Isla certainly do love each other <3