Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ice Cream Crank

Sunday we volunteered at the Ice Cream Crank for Drake House here in Roswell. Ben's firm had a booth last year but it was the weekend of my baby shower here so I had other stuff going on. We decided it would be a fun to do with Miller. Of course when I volunteered for our time slot a few weeks ago, I tried to plan around Miller's naps at the time, but of course those changed. I tried putting Miller down early but he has been taking forever to go to sleep which meant he only got a 20 minute nap when normally he gets about 2 hours.

 Anyways, he was pretty good. We walked around the park but once things started, Miller and I stood in the back of the tent while everyone else worked. We tried to hand them the tubs of ice cream out of the freezer when they needed it.

These are some of the hats we had in our booth. This picture makes me giggle everytime I look at it.

That hat did not last long so I tried out another one. 

You can see that was not going to last long. And yes, I dressed them in matching outfits, bow ties and all.

Another go with the ice cream cone hat. 

This is what Miller and I did in the back of the booth. 

Working really hard. 

 When our shift was over, we met up with some of our friends. Pretty much, Isla and Miller ran around while the rest of us held the little babies and chatted. When we got home, we knew Miller was long overdue for a nap, but it took him and hour to fall asleep. We are starting to wonder if he might only need one nap a day. He has been sleeping more and more at night, waking up later in the morning,  so maybe he is getting a lot of what he needs then. He has been getting up between 9:30 and 10, making his first nap be around 1, and then we always eat lunch after that. Pretty much, we are eating lunch at 3. This week I am going to to try to have him go to bed earlier, wake up at a decent time and see what his naps do. If he is ready for just one nap, so be it, but this mommy is not sure she is ready for that. I like my naptime break!

This picture is from Sunday night. Miller was being so good and playing with his toys. I happened to catch him leaning down and kissing Scout. He has been so sweet and doling our kisses lately.

We are heading to Knoxville this weekend and we actually have not been out of town in over a month and a half. I am excited to see my family, and of course they are all just excited to see Miller.

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