Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Weekend in TN

Back in late September I got a frantic call from my stepmom. My stepbrother, sister in law and nephew were coming in town on a last minute trip that coming weekend and she really wanted us to come up too. I really did not want to go because we had just gotten back from TN and we were going to Disney World in less than two weeks, but I had not see my nephew since Christmas and there stands a good chance that I would not get to see him until next summer. Then Bobbie told us she had tickets for the football game that weekend. She twisted our arm. I am really glad we went and got to hang out with family and we did some fun activities.

On Saturday, we packed up our new van and drove down to the game. It was hot and crowded but thankfully we had a parking pass for a close spot. It was a easy game so we did not feel too much pressure to stay and watch the whole thing.

As soon as we got in the stadium, Miller started freaking out. All the people and the noise were just too much for him. I felt terrible but I knew he would get used to it. He ended up calming down but was pretty solemn the whole time. Of course the next week when we were watching the game on TV, he recognized it before we said anything and screamed, "Rocky Top Tennessee". 

We ended up leaving right before halftime and I was shocked that the boys lasted that long.  It was just way too hot to sit out there with the sun beating down on the two toddlers and us two pregnant ladies.

The next day, Bobbie was dying to go to a corn maze. We just went along with what she wanted but ended up having a great time.

Miller cried when we got on the hayride until it started and then he screamed,"WEEEEE".

They were entranced by some trucks and tractors.

Half way through the hayride, we stopped at the pumpkin patch. Miller and Silas were of course helpful in picking out their own pumpkins.

When we got back on the hayride, Miller was so proud of himself by throwing the hay back out of the truck. 

Then we went to the kiddie corn maze. It seemed cheesy but it was great. It was just a mini corn maze where the boys could roam and they had inflatable toys to guide them through.

Miller was informing Silas that this was a fish. 

They felt the need to try to rescue every sea creature.

Bebe and Poppy with the 2 current grandbabies. This will be double in a few months once baby girl is born and Leslie and Joe's new little boy arrives in March.

They are so sweet together! I do not think they ever fought over toys the whole weekend and actually played together. That is pretty good for two almost 2 year olds. I am so glad that he has a cousin close in age to him.

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