Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!!!

Happy Halloween!

I love this holiday. I am not sure why but I have always thought it was so fun. We have been trying to celebrate all week by doing Halloweenish activities, wearing Halloween outfits and watching our Halloween movies. I am so excited to share Miller's costume with you guys. He is a lumberjack but since I was not going to get a fake ax for him to carry around, I joke that he just looks like a hobo. Whatever! I think he is super cute.

We made cookies this week and I was hoping Miller would help but all he did was eat the sprinkles. He sneaked a couple of bites of cookie dough and proclaimed, "Mmmm, dat good".

Tuesday night, after the church Halloween party we carved our pumpkin. This pretty much involved me carving the pumpkin while Miller and Ben watched. For some odd reason, I am the only one that finds this activity fun. Miller did pick out  the design for this year. It is a spider.

I am sure I will post more pictures of Trick or Treating but I just wanted to make sure to say Happy Halloween today!!!

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