Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weekly Updates: 29 and 30 Weeks

How far along: 29 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +15lbs (A 4lb weight gain in a week is not the happiest of news but my eating has not changed so I assume that the baby and I needed it). 
Maternity clothes: We had some cool days so I had to become accustomed to a few fall items that I have.  
Stretch marks: No new ones.  
Sleep: We have been horrible this week and found that we have access to a show that we watch on a premium network. We decided to binge watch it this week because we do not know how long we will have access to it so we have been up late most nights. I need more sleep!
Best moment this week: We had some nice evenings which made it nice to restart our family walks. I hope we can keep this up to kind of train for Disney World and to keep me active.
Movement: She keeps getting up in my ribs and making me so uncomfortable. Miller never did that. Considering that she is measuring smaller, I imagine that Miller left her too much room in there and she is just floating around exploring.  
Food cravings: Unfortunately, no cravings and even our Dunkin Doughnuts coffee is not tasting that great lately. I liked having my weekly treat so that makes me sad.   
Food aversions:  Thank goodness there was nothing this week.  
Gender: A little lady.
Labor Signs: Still maybe an occasional Braxton Hicks contraction but that is all (and better be for another 10 weeks at least).
Belly Button in or out? Still way in.
What I miss: I have said it before and I will say it again, I miss being comfortable. All the aches and pains are so annoying. I sit on the couch and then I start getting a pain in my hip. I turn and my legs start to ache. I stand and I wear out so easily. I lay down and the baby starts kicking so I cannot get comfortable. Sharing a body is a magical experience and incredibly uncomfortable one at the same time.
What I am looking forward to: I am trying to imagine her birth and remembering all the happy times from after having Miller. It is making me less anxious and more excited about her arrival.   
Weekly Wisdom:  I am having some major anxiety/depression about being a mom of two but I have seen a lot of encouragement from other second and third time moms who make it seem like it is not as bad as I am imagining it will be.
Milestones: My websites say that she weighs nearly 3lbs now. I love knowing that she is getting to be a substantial size. She needs to gain more but It is still a good place to be. 

How far along: 30 weeks (75% done-HOLY CRAP!)
Total weight gain/loss: +16lbs (I really think that last weeks major gain may have been some water retention from having been walking early that week) 
Maternity clothes: I know that maternity clothes were meant for all sorts of shaped baby bumps but I feel like mine looks ridiculous in everything lately. Some show or movie talks about how everything looks normal from behind and then you turn to the side and everything has gone all fun house mirror. I think that to myself every single time I am looking in the mirror trying to find something to wear.
Stretch marks: Still nothing.    
Sleep: I pass out and do not get up until well past my alarm has gone off. I need to get more sleep but we are working on a better schedule for all of us. Not sure how that will be affected when we go to Disney though.
Best moment this week: We took Miller to the library one night and to a fall festival the next. It was so nice to have those family outings and Miller was really good.  
Movement: She is keeping up her dance parties in there. I have said before that most of her movements are pressure and vibrations but a couple of times this week I felt very defined feet or hands. I wish I knew what position she was in. It has been so long since we had an ultrasound.   
Food cravings: Nothing special, and it is annoying me.    
Food aversions:  Nothing really. Yay!
Gender: Girly girl.
Labor Signs: Just a few errant BH contractions. I am pretty sure I pulled a muscle under my belly (yes, that says under because there are now 5 sides to my bump) that I worried was more than just soreness but when I hold it, the pain is relieved.
Belly Button in or out? It will not budge.  
What I miss: I was so excited to wear my maternity clothes but I am so over them. I look ridiculous in everything. While I am not looking forward to the awkward post baby body, I do miss my old clothes.  
What I am looking forward to: Disney World! I am nervous about how we will handle it but I am still excited about the fun family trip. Hopefully, by having Ben and my mom there, it will run smoothly.    
Weekly Wisdom: I need to relax more. My body cannot handle me being up and about all the time but when Miller is playing and does not need me, I feel like I should be productive. I just have to survive Disney.
Milestones: ¾ of the way through! Wahoo!!!

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