Sunday, October 20, 2013

Miller: 2 Years

It is time for another update on Miller. We had his 2 year appointment which did not go so great. He is absolutely fine but the kid was not happy. He screamed from the moment they put him on the scale, until we walked out of  the exam room. We were not too surprised that he did this but it sure would have been nice to have a smoother appointment.

Weight: 26 lbs (+17 lbs 14oz)

Height: 34.5" (+ 13")

Head: They did not measure his head this time.

Sleep: He is still sleeping through the night. When we go on trips, normally on the first night, he wakes up after a few hours and ends up sleeping pretty restlessly with us. Not fun, but normally he is fine after the first night. Naps are another story. Our schedule keeps getting off kilter with every trip we have and that pushes back bedtime and wake up time. If he wakes up too late, naptime is a pain. It takes him forever to fall asleep, that is, even if he does. And if he does not get that nap, he is a bear the rest of the evening. I am really going to try to get on a better schedule since we have the baby coming soon and Mommy will need that naptime.

Eating: Toddlers and food are a pain!!! I hate the phrase,"Eat, eat". It means a timer has been set for me to find out what he wants before he explodes in a fit. I dread it if he asks for something that he is not allowed to have and I then have to fight with him. He is definitely a grazer which I hate. I wanted him to not be a snacker but as much as I tried, he became one. He would never eat at meals but ask for stuff throughout the day. It bothered me but with a kid who never stops moving like him, he has to get his calories in as he burns them. I just try to make sure that his snacks are somewhat healthy

Best Moment: He has definitely became more of a snuggler. He will just randomly hop in my lap and snuggle for a minute or two. I think I get more snuggle time now, than I did when he was a newborn. I keep trying to get him to snuggle with my belly so he will love on his baby sister but he just has no interest.

Milestones: He has learned lots of new things in the past 6 months. Counting and recognizing his numbers, shapes, animals and their noises, all his letters. He has started talking so much more. Recently he started talking in more phrases. "I get down". "I did it". I love hearing him figure out more and more phrases.

Monthly Wisdom: I have been having a really hard time lately trying to figure out what to do with Miller. So many people with kids his age are enrolling them in playschool/daycare/day school/etc. Of course this makes me feel like I should be doing that for Miller, but on top of the fact that I feel he is still so young, we in no way can afford it. I am not sure if we will ever be able to afford to send him to any preschool program that we have to pay for. I have struggled with feeling like I am not giving him the best and worry that staying home with me is not good enough. I try to go out with him but he is not an easily mobile child. He likes to get down and explore on his own which makes going out with him, by myself with my big baby bump to chase him, super difficult. Ben and I try to do stuff with him in the evenings and on the weekend, but I just worry that it is not enough interaction with other kids or structure. I have toyed around with the idea of homeschooling but I believe that I will start doing more preschool structured activities with him once the baby comes and we get settled.

Back to the Wisdom portion of this, as guilty as a I feel, everyone else constantly reminds me how smart Miller is and he has gotten this far by being home with me.

Goals for the Upcoming Month:
- Doing more preschool activities with him in a few months.
- Keep encouraging him with potty training. I am not pushing this but we will keep talking about it.
- Getting him in a better schedule. Waking up and going to bed consistently so that naptimes are more regular.

Things Miller is doing:
- He can count to 13.
- He recognizes all the numbers but gets confused by double digits. He just sees a one and zero for 10.
-He is pretty good with manners. Of course we have to remind him to say please and thank you but most people are pretty impressed when he does.
- As with any normal toddler, he has trouble dealing with his anger and frustration. He normally throws a toy or whatever else is around to let us know, but now we are also adding in hitting. Oh fun! He knows as soon as he does it that he is in trouble and he buries his head into me. We are working on saying, "Sorry", now.
- There are a few books that he has started being able to recognize the words. He can practically read them to himself.

I know that there is more that he is doing but I just can not think of every little thing. All in all, as much as he can be a handful, he is pretty darn amazing!

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