Thursday, January 16, 2014

Pre- Christmas Activities

I know that I am late getting these on here but better late than never.

The first day home from Thanksgiving we put up our Christmas tree, that way we had the most time to enjoy it. Miller actually did help. Then over the following weeks, he helped us deconstruct it, one ornament at a time. He never wanted to harm the ornaments, just play with  them. That is probably our fault since all of our ornaments look like toys from movies. 

The first weekend in December is the town square lighting in our town. Our friends Jeanne and Steve hosted a pre lighting party and we all met at their house and then walked over. While the women wrangled babies and protected the food from the kids, this is what the men did. Every party is the same.

 Miller and Luke playing.

It was a cold evening so Miller was all bundled up in two coats.

We wanted a family picture with the tree but lighting is tricky. Heather was so smart and found this spot with a spotlight to use. I think this is our last picture as a family of 3.

Santa rode in on a firetruck. Miller could not have cared less about Santa but loved the firetruck and all the police cars. He disappeared with mom because he wanted to go befriend the police officers who were manning the crosswalk.


His police officer friend let him hold his baton and gave him a sticker. He was ecstatic!

While we were biding our time before the baby came, we tried to be productive. We did all of our Christmas baking before she came. Miller was super excited.

He actually helped us roll balls but his favorite was decorating.

His fingers were magenta from eating sprinkles.

We managed to get all the baking done with little Miss took her sweet time arriving.

I just had to share this pic of Scarlett getting her first bath at home. She HATED it! She has gotten better with being naked and does not scream everytime she gets her diaper changed or a bath. It is actually pretty cute to watch her just lay there and try to figure out what is going on.

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