Monday, January 13, 2014

Scarlett Monthly Update: Month One

Our baby girl is already a month old. I am always amazed how fast this month goes by. On the one hand it is hectic and crazy since we are just trying to get some sort of normality back, yet we are always so sad that it is over. This time around I know that we really do have so much more to look forward to so I am not as nostalgic and sad.

Weight: 10lbs 0oz (+1lbs 5oz)

Height: 22" (+1 1/2")

Head: 15.25" (+1.5")

Sleep: She is a good sleeper (not that Miller was not). She would normally go to sleep around Miller's bedtime and then wake up when we would go to bed around midnight, eat and go back to sleep. Then she would wake up at 5:30 (consistently everyday), eat, go back to sleep for another 3 or 4 hours, then get up for the day.

This week, she started waking up when we would go to bed, eat and then stay awake. One night she kept me up until 3:30AM. We started trying to be more calm when we would get her up for that pre-bed feeding and Friday night she slept 7 hours and then Saturday she slept 8 hours. I am not going to celebrate too soon because I am sure it will not happen every night but that is still a better start than we had with Miller.

As for during the day, she snoozes off and on a lot but is generally happy when she is awake. Sometimes she fusses because she needs help going back to 

Eating: She eats pretty much every 2 to 3 hours. When Miller was nursing, he would latch on and stay. She pops off and on and gets frustrated for some odd reason. She is still falling asleep mid feeding sometime so that is when we take the opportunity to change her diaper and wake her up.

Best Moment: We have had so many big things since this was her first month with us. I love seeing her and Miller together. He is such a good big brother. The other day I came into the living room and he was sitting in front of her talking to her and she smiled at him. It was adorable!

Milestones: Hmmmm, lots of little things. Sleeping through the night one night. First trip out of town to TN. She is pretty good at holding her head up.

Monthly Wisdom: I think being a 2nd time mom makes me know how fast this goes by so I am trying to slow down and enjoy this time. Rather than worry about doing stuff around the house, I am taking some lazy time to just cuddle with my kids.

Goals for the Upcoming Month: We are just going to keep working at establishing a routine with her, especially at nighttime. We really need to get in the swing of things like waking up at a certain time and getting a pattern to the day.

I took a one month postpartum picture and I wanted to include Scarlett. I could not get the poor girl comfortable so she kept sliding down.

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