Monday, January 27, 2014

Scarlett's Baptism

While we were in TN for the holidays and family would be in town, we decided to do Scarlett's baptism then.

She looked so pretty.

I was worried how Miller would act during the Baptism since we would be occupied and someone else would have to handle him. While he did play, he was really good.

See, Miller supervised. He splashed around in the holy water but Fr. Michael was really patient with him.

Us with her godparents. (From left to right) Ben's sister Becky, my cousin Megan, us, my cousin Mitchell and Fr Michael.

She looked so pretty in the Trusty family christening gown and her new bonnet that Ben's parents gave her.

We knew we had to get a cake for her party but our brains were so fried from having the baby and the holidays that we had no idea what to put on it. We took the suggestion that was at  the store with "God Bless You" and we added her name. I think it sounds like she sneezed.

Some little two year old paws got a hold of the cake at some point.

Miller and his cousin Annemarie playing with his new dump truck.

It meant so much to us to have family come in town for this event. We hate that we only got to see people for a few hours and it was so hectic but we really appreciate everyone making the trip for us.

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