Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kids Bedroom Updates

One of the biggest things this year for us was getting the house all settled before the baby comes. It was like unpacking and nesting times a hundred. The house is in no way all done, but we now have most rooms painted and pictures on the walls and closets organized. It really feels like home!

Both of the kids rooms kind of make me sad because their nurseries were designed for other houses. Whenever we moved, I tried to make it work but it was never the same. I feel like we are finally at a place where their rooms feel perfect for them in this house.

Miller's room evolved into a big boy room in this house. I kind of think of it as Lost Boys Camp from Peter Pan because of the trees on the curtains, the bunk bed (which is not bunked yet) and the banner over his bed from his party last year.

He got really into the solar system this year and I kept trying to think of a way to incorporate it into his room in a non cheesy way. This wall had embroidery hoops with different fabrics from his nursery. It occurred to me that I only had to buy new fabric and I could make the solar system. I was so excited to find a way to make things from his nursery work into a big boy room. It is just a perfect coincidence that this was on a navy wall and really looks like it glows. I surprised him with it and he loved it.

Scarlett's room was mostly done last year, except I wanted to make her curtains. When I was making some for the new baby's nursery, I decided to make the same ones for Scarlett's. I tried to keep things cohesive between their rooms in case they have to share one day.

Aren't those cute curtains?!?! They are little navy pom poms. So simple but so pretty. I ordered 75 yards to do both girls rooms and just sewed them on some ikea curtains.

I bought the M, S and & a few years ago and had always planned on putting them in the hallway between their rooms. Every day, Scarlett has to point to each one of them and say their names. It just marks that wing of our house as theirs. I also have a map of Neverland in the hall and some quotes from Peter Pan in their bathroom. Without thinking, I inadvertently created a whole Neverland theme with their rooms. I kind of love it!

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