Monday, October 26, 2015

Summer Vacations- Asheville and Memphis

We were back from Michigan for a week when we turned around and had to go back to Knoxville for Ben's work project. We came  home for another week and a half when we went back up to drop off the kids so we could go to a wedding in Asheville. It was a whole weekend away from the kids which was so weird for me. They are so much a constant in my everyday life that I admit, it was nice, but I felt a little lost. It was great to get a chance to get away before the new baby comes.

We went to the Sierra Nevada Brewery there, which seems so much fun to the pregnant girl that doesn't like beer but it actually was really fun. Ben and our friend Steve had a great  time trying different beers and the food was great. Plus, it was all really pretty.

The wedding was at a farm in the middle of a wildflower field. It was absolutely gorgeous and so much fun to just spend all afternoon in this beautiful location. It was like, we were in another world, far away from kids and whining. 

We had two more trips to Knoxville for Ben's project and then our last big trip was at the end of September for Ben's high school reunion in Memphis. We tried to do every family activity that we could.

A trip to the zoo. Miller was so excited to see an eel. He just sat here and stared at the thing. They freak me out but my kid thinks they are cool.

This is how I get myself in pictures since I am the one holding the camera most of the time.

There is a playground at the zoo that we wore the kids out on. She is normally really hesitant to go down the slides but she got brave this day and tackled that fear. We could not get her to stop.

Playing the piano at grandmommy and grandaddy's house.

The Botanical Gardens. They have a great kids section that they loved. They look like Jack and Jill here.

Feeding the fish.

The Pink Palace Museum. This dinosaur is animatronic and is activated when you get close. I did not know this last year and it scared the crap out of me. This year Miller was so excited to see dinosaurs so we thought we would surprise him. Yeah see how he is clinging to Ben. He would not let go of him the whole time we were at the museum. He was afraid that everything would come to life. It did not help that I let him watch "Night at the Museum" the day before.

We had free passes to the Imax theatre so we went to see a dinosaur movie. I thought for sure after the incident upstairs that they would not sit through it, especially Scarlett but they both did great. They sat and watched the whole 45 minute movie. Miller kept his 3D glasses on the whole time.

We went to our favorite park at Shelby Farms. This girl loves to swing.

Mud Island has this awesome model of the Mississippi River that we went to when Miller was little. It was so hot outside so this was a great activity for them. Scarlett kept falling on the topography and getting mad but refused to get out.

Ben's brother in law's parents have a farm with retired horses. Last year, Miller would only pet them and Scarlett sat on its back. This year, Miller was so excited to ride it and Scarlett was nervous.

We were there for 9 days and got to spend lots of time with Ben's parents. It makes me sad that we only get to go back once a year.

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