Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Miller's Pizza Planet 4th Birthday Party

When I started planning the kids birthday parties, I gave Miller a bunch of options. Garbage truck, construction vehicles, firetrucks. What did he pick? Pizza Planet. Not Toy Story but Pizza Planet from Toy Story. I started to dismiss it but then I thought that it would be a fun challenge. It combined his love of Toy Story with space things and my need of an easy party to pull off.

Most of the crafts and prep work I did almost a month ahead of time so the week of, I was just busy cleaning  the house and setting up decorations. For most people that would take a day but for a gal lugging around a 35 week pregnant bump, it took all week and was exhausting. Thankfully for the day of, my mom and stepmom were here to help while Ben and my dad did some easy house projects.

The skirt, leggings and pigtails combo is my new favorite.

The kid got some seriously great presents and plays with all of them equally. A duplo train, a submarine, some Star Wars ships, an RC car. Scarlett plays with them all too.....when Miller lets her.

The kids started tearing down the alien balloons from the stairs and had a balloon party. All the parents were in the living room watching our football game so I think I was the only adult to catch this.

I remembered to get a family shot before the night was over.

We had a few tantrums and the house was so crowded that I had nowhere to sit but it was a great party. It was topped off by a miraculous comeback and our Vols beating Georgia.

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