Friday, October 23, 2015

Summer Vacations- The Beach and Northern Michigan

We had some major trips to take this year, one on top of the other. At the beginning of June we went to Myrtle Beach with my dad's side of the family.

From left to right, my stepbrother Joe holding my nephew Deacon, my sister-in-law Leslie, nephew Silas, Ben, me, Miller, Scarlett, my dad, my stepmom, my sister Lindsey holding my niece Penelope, and her boyfriend Billy.

We came home from the beach for two days and then drove north to Michigan. It was a 14 hour drive that I was terrified of for months but for no reason. My kids did great! We drove 3 hours to Knoxville, which they are already pros at, to stop at my parents house and have dinner. We changed into PJs and diapers and I took the first shift of driving. I thought that I would only be able to do 2 or 3 hours but I did 8! I was so proud of myself but I was exhausted. Ben got to sleep while the kids did but when it was my turn, they were awake and I had to keep catering to them.

Michigan was kind of a funny coincidence. My mom's side of the family is from Michigan and we used to go vacation in Traverse City. My cousin happened to be marrying a girl from Traverse City so that is where the wedding was. It was a family reunion on our old stomping grounds. I had talked about wanting to take Ben and the kids for years and this was the perfect opportunity.

We got to do the sand dunes which was a totally different experience having to chase my kids and being pregnant. I was slow but I got further than I had before.

Miller completely left us but thank goodness there were other family members that could keep up with him.

My little ones got to be the ring bearer and flower girls. Miller looked so handsome!!!

This was my favorite picture of them. I was so afraid that they would not perform but they were perfect. They walked all the way up the aisle holding hands and then came and sat quietly with me during the ceremony. They always surprise me when I least expect it.

At the reception, they seriously never left the dance floor. It was 5 straight hours of dancing. They even just swayed around when slow songs came on, or tried to follow any line dance. They were the hit of the night and I got so much joy from watching them.

This was the best family picture that I could get from this trip, taken at my grandparents old campground.

Miller was not supposed to get wet while he was playing in the lake with my cousins but he was having fun and that is what matters.

After a few days in Traverse City, we traveled 3 hours north to Mackinaw City. None of us had ever been there and we wanted to visit the island. We took a day trip over to Mackinac Island and had a great time. We rode an "outside bus" (a horse drawn carriage) according to Miller, and got to ride the ferry and see lighthouses. We all just wished that we had been able to stay on the island.

We drove back during the day which made me nervous, but again, the kids did great. We stopped in Knoxville for the night and then Ben, Scarlett and I drove back to GA while Miller stayed with my mom for a few days. Scarlett and I were like a couple of lost puppies without Miller around but it was nice to give her a few days to be an only child. It just made us appreciate all the chaos and fun he brings with him.

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