Friday, May 6, 2011

Anatomy Scan update

We had our anatomy scan this morning. We have a little wiggle worm on our hands, but of course from the amount of movement I have been feeling, I knew that. They were not too cooperative but everything looked good.

Profile Shot

Another profile. We caught them yawing at one point and they kept opening and closing their mouth but not for the pictures.

A 3D shot. I had no idea they were going to do this and I was nervous it would look scary but look how cute our kid is.

They always have their hands by their head.

Their legs are on the left and there is a hand on the right.

The cutest foot. I am going to eat those little feet!!!

And the goods. Can you tell?

It is a boy!!! We are having a son (which is so weird, but cool to say).


  1. A BOY!!!! That's what I guessed too! Congrats again (and again and again)!!!!

  2. Congratssssss on your little boy! I am so jealous! We don't find out til the end of May :]

  3. YAY! A BOY!! I'm so excited for you. He's going to be adorable - just like these pictures :)

  4. He is the most beautiful boy ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I forgot to tell you the other day that I voted *boy* ;) I knew it!! Congratulations, again!!!