Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekly Update: 18 weeks

How far along: 18 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 7.5 lbs (This is a relief because for a few days I was 4 lbs heavier than this and I thought it was a fluke. Super happy it was just some water retention!)

Maternity clothes: The bump is starting to grow and there is not a lot that is fitting in my closet that it is not oversized, stretchy or maternity. I had to wear a skirt below my belly this weekend and that was kind of weird.

Stretch marks: Just rubbing down the old ones with cocoa butter

Sleep: I am slowly rotating from being a stomach sleeper to a side sleeper. It just hurts to lay on my belly now.

Best moment this week: Our anatomy scan was surreal and awesome.

Movement: I feel him quite a bit now. The other night it was like an hour long party in my uterus. Ben had his hand on my leg and his arm was on my belly and pumpkin kicked him.Tonight, I laughed and he jumped. That was the first time he has reacted to something I have done.

Food cravings: I am just not into food at all lately, so choosing food and eating is a chore now.

Food aversions: Something I ate the other night had a flavor in it that made me gag but I cannot pinpoint it.

Gender: We have a little guy on our hands!!

Labor Signs: No, but I cannot wait to meet my little man in 20 to 22 weeks.

Belly Button in or out? It is way back there. We actually had a whole conversation about belly button depth this weekend. The guys had super shallow belly buttons and us girls had ones that seem to be never ending.

What I miss: I wish I could get my normal appetite back

What I am looking forward to: We have another ultrasound in 2.5 weeks and get to see pumpkin again. I am also excited about our beach trip in 3 weeks.

Weekly Wisdom: So many people have been telling me how great little boys are.

Milestones: Finding out we will be having a boy has made this all so real. He has a name and personality. I did not cry when we found out we were pregnant, or when we have seen him during ultrasounds, but all day Friday I could not stop crying from happiness and love for this tiny little guy.

Measurements: Chest- +.5”, Waist- +1.5”, Hips- +1”

I hope all the mothers out there had a great Mothers Day weekend! Pumpkin and his daddy were so sweet and got me flowers, a homemade card (with a super sweet note) and a gift card to the movies so mommy and daddy can go on a much needed date.

We also got great family news. My stepbrother Joe and sister in law Leslie announced that they too are expecting a little one, due 7 weeks after pumpkin. He will have a little cousin really close in age!

We spent a great weekend in Nashville and I will hopefully have a trip post up in the next few days.