Friday, May 27, 2011

Ultrasound update

So something that I did not share from our anatomy scan is that they found two little things that they wanted to recheck. After the tech did our scan the doctor came in and for 15 minutes kept looking over his heart in silence. It was terrifying!!! She finally told us that he had a choroid plexus cyst in his head and a small calcification in his heart. They informed us they were no big deal, and would probably go away but that they could be soft, (very soft) markers for Down Syndrome. Of course, me the worry wort and a first time mom, freaked out and cried all day. They wanted to recheck them in 3 weeks, which I thought would be forever.

Over the past three weeks, I kept getting reassurance from people that everything was okay. The doctors mom works with, other pregnant women, and my OB told me that he was fine, they just have an obligation to tell me.

Today was the rescan and I was so nervous. First we had an hour long wait in the waiting room. When they finally called us back, the scan took 15 minutes and from what the tech could tell, he looked fine. He weighs about 14oz now, which I do not think accounts for enough of my weight gain. While she was measuring his head I asked if it was big like his daddy. Yep, 80th percentile. C-section here I come! We also caught him sucking his thumb.

The tech took us to a room to wait for the doctor, who was just looking at the pictures and would be right back. 40 minutes later, after he finished his lunch, he finally comes in. Pumpkin is perfect! They could not even find markers from where they saw the things 3 weeks ago. That with the numbers they had gotten from bloodwork and measurements, he is absolutely fine. I am so relieved!

Now to the pictures. Here is his profile shot.

A comparison shot. Ben on the left, Pumpkin in the middle and me on the right. Can you tell who he looks like?

Just for fun, here is Ben a little bit older. This is my favorite baby picture of him. He made me blur out some parts before I posted this.

Here is me.

Whomever he looks like, he is already cute and we love him so much. I can not wait for October to get here (yet I am savoring my sleep while I can).


  1. ADORABLE!! I think the comparison shot looks a lot like Ben's baby pic. :)

  2. I think he's looking a little more like Ben - I'm glad everything turned out ok. October will be here before you know it!

  3. He looks just like Ben (not just baby-Ben, but now-Ben, too!). I can't wait 'til October!!! And Isla can't wait to meet her future boyfriend ;)

  4. I am just now catching up on my blogs...Pumpkin definitely looks like Ben! Can't wait to see his red hair! :P

    P.S. So sorry you had to deal with that bit of emotional scare...and SO glad that everything is A-OK with Little Trusty!