Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Charleston wedding

This past weekend, Ben and I went to Charleston for my friend Brantley's wedding. She was one of my fellow Interior Design girls (there were only 12 of us) so it was a mini reunion or 7 of us.

We had some time to do some exploring since we had never been to Charleston before. We arrived late Thursday night and checked into our little carriage house that we had rented.

The next morning we went and grabbed breakfast at the cafe in front of our house, Wild Flour. We actually went there every morning because we loved it. Funny enough, at my OB appointment this morning, I was flipping through the Travel and Leisure magazine and there was an article about Charleston and they mentioned it and had pictures of this place. That amazed me because it was such a small place!

We started walking, which we always do on trips, but I quickly realized that pregnant me did not have the stamina of normal me, and the heat did not help. We followed two self guided walking tours so that we could get a good view of the city.

Our snack that we got mid day, some of the best hummus that we have ever had.

This is the restaurant that we ate dinner at, Poogans Porch. We had sweet tea glazed salmon with candied lemon and mint risotto, and then fried ravioli with pork and a barbeque buerre blanc. Yummy!!

In the end we walked about 7 miles that day, in the heat. We were definitely sunburned and dehydrated at the end of it.

Me, my ice cream and my sunburn

Saturday, we began our day with sleeping in and then Wild Flour again. We decided to go to Boone Hall plantation because that might be a bit more relaxing than just walking around downtown again. We were right! We walked around the grounds, then did a home tour where we kept giggling at the tour guides misuse of certain architectural terms. We then had a nice riding tour of the grounds.

This might look familiar because it has been on a bunch of TV shows and movies.

Me in the butterfly pavilion

Afterwards, we headed back to our house and got ready for the wedding.

Amanda, Hannah and I after the wedding

7 of us ID girls.

My pumpkin muffin bump.

This was the make your own shrimp and grits. It was the yummiest thing!!!

My husband looks so cute dressed up.

I loved the flowers!!!

This is us after the dancing. My friend Amanda got better pictures of us but they are all on facebook.

The bar that we went to after the reception.

We left Sunday morning after stopping by Wild Flour. We stopped in Columbia to visit our friends, Celia and Ian. We got to see their house, play with their dogs and catch up. We only planned on staying an hour or so, but ended up staying for 4 and getting home that night.

It was a good trip but we are definitely ready for a break. This weekend we have some stuff to catch up on at home, Ben has the East Atlanta Beer Fest and we have a cookout afterward, and then next weekend we are going to the beach for a week.


  1. The road with the trees... was that in Forrest Gump? Looks like you had a fabulous trip, as usual! Glad to have you back though :)

  2. So envious of your good time! I LOVE the idea of staying at a carriage house, so cute!