Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Miller's Birth in pictures

So understandably, I have had my hands full with the munchkin, not to mention the visitors he brings so I have not had time to blog. I finally got a few minutes to update with pictures from when he was born. Just a warning, there is nothing graphic but a few pictures a little yucky (I am sparing you the pictures of my face while I was pushing and getting sewn up).

My last bump picture before we left for the hospital

This makes me tear up but the last picture of us before everything changes (AKA our anniversary picture)

Our super romantic anniversary dinner in the hospital. Me hooked up to a bunch of machines, being poked and prodded and take out Cheesecake Factory.

My poor baby sister had her wisdom teeth out that morning, so my dad had two incapacitated girls that day.

Ben making sure that I am okay

I think this picture is sweet because he looks so concerned for me, but in reality, he was super calm (like always).

I finally got to hold my baby after 9 months of carrying him. He looks so grey, and cheesy! You could tell he was super cute under all of that though.

He looks like he has an alien head. It freaked Ben out but I was just thankful that it did that so it could come out. You can not tell in the picture but it was slightly to one side. It went down within hours and before leaving the hospital, my doctor said it was one of the most perfectly round baby heads that she had ever seen.

First of many kisses Miller received and will continue to get from his mommy.

My dad getting to see his first grandchild (finally a boy, after 3 daughters).

Mom and Ben inspecting the baby.

Daddy already being protective and making sure the light was not bothering him.

First family pic. I look pretty tired and drugged up but I was feeling pretty good considering.

I think dad likes the baby.

He might not have the red hair, but he has his dads style.

Aunt Lindsey and "her" baby.

My stepmom Bobbie (Miller's Bebe) holding him for the first time. See how the hospital hats did not fit that big head (remember I had to push that out).

My mom (Miller's Ninny) holding him. She was very patient and let others have a turn first. I am surprised she did not rip him out of mine or Ben's arms.

Finally in our recovery room.

I love that we are all on our phones and Miller is just hanging out.

Thank you so much to my great friend Heather and my sister Lindsey for taking pictures. I would have no pictures of this amazing day if it were not for you girls.

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