Saturday, October 1, 2011

Octobers of Yesteryear

It is October and for the first time in 5 years, we have no plans (well except to have a baby). I know that Pumpkin is a great thing but I am a little sad that we will not be celebrating our anniversary by going on a trip. Ben and I both have holiday birthdays so we decided when we got married, we would make our anniversary special. Of course (!!!!!!) we get pregnant and due the day before said anniversary. Here is a look back at the Octobers for the past 4 years.


We had just graduated college, gotten engaged and moved to Atlanta. October 26th was my grandparents 50th anniversary and as the family event planner I was put in charge of planning something. We tried to surprise them by not telling them that the factions that live further away were not going to make it, and seeing the look on their faces made it all worth it when they did.

We had 33 of the family members there and at the time we had 35.

Here is the replica of their wedding cake we had made.

On the 11th, two days before the party, Ben and I stepped away from the chaos and went to dinner at my favorite restaurant to celebrate our negative one year anniversary. It seemed silly to some people but that date was going to be special to us the rest of our life, why not start celebrating as soon as we knew that.

We also worked in a little wedding planning while we were there. This is us in the Sunsphere where we had our reception


Our wedding day!!! I will probably do another post about this closer to our anniversary but here are a couple of my favorite shots. (I realize they are all mushy ones of us kissing. Sorry!)

We followed this up with our honeymoon in London. At the time, this was not the smartest idea to end months of stressful, busy planning with an 11 day busy sightseeing trip in chilly London. It did not seem very honeymoony and we both ended up crying about this at some point on the trip. In hindsight, it was an awesome trip with so many great memories!

We actually got a guard to laugh at one point. One of the crowning achievements in our life.


Our first anniversary and we decided to take a trip to New York City. I had been before but I wanted to take Ben. I had everything planned out hoping we would be a little more organized than we were in London, thus less stressed. HAHA, fat chance! The day before we left I acquired the swine flu from babysitting and eventually Ben got it. We were able to do everything we wanted to, it was just at a slow miserable pace.

At the top of the Statue of Liberty. A very cool experience but not fun to climb those stairs when dealing with the flu.

We celebrated our actual anniversary but visiting some of the sites of our favorite movie, "You've Got Mail".

My awesome hubby took me shopping at Tiffany's for my anniversary present.

And I let him look at Legos.


I blogged about Paris last year but I still have to mention it.

Days 1,2 and 3
Days 4 and 5
Days 6, 7 and 8

This trip was a drastic difference from the previous two. While we still kept busy and were exhausted, there was no flu and we were rested up before we went.

This picture reminds me of this perfect autumn afternoon in Paris.

Our last night of the trip, in Amsterdam (sorry it is blurry).


Oh how things have changed! Last year at this time I was desperate to get pregnant and now we sit here and are awaiting the arrival of our little guy any day now. It seems so surreal! Sometimes time seems to take forever to pass and others you wonder where it all has gone. It seems like yesterday Ben and I met, not 5 and half years ago, and I know with a baby it will start going by even faster. I wonder what next October will bring. I am hoping we can start back up on going on our trips. We will see how ready I am to leave Pumpkin.

Here are two pictures from our little date night last night.

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