Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our 3rd Anniversary (wedding recap)

Happy anniversary to my awesome hubby!!! 3 years have gone by so fast and yet I am shocked it has been that long. I mentioned that I would do another post about our wedding so here it is. I am going to try to keep it brief but it was 15 months of planning and I am super proud of it.

Our invitations, photo guest book and program

My "something blue"- an embroidered handkerchief from my stepmom

My "something old"- Cameo pin that came over from Europe with my grandmothers uncle

My "something borrowed"- my moms crushed rose petal rosary that she got in Italy and was blessed by the Pope (btw, my "something new" were earrings from my other grandmother)

My girls and I (from left to right- Elizabeth, sister Lauren, me, cousin Megan, sister Lindsey, and sister in law Liz....the flower girls are cousin Ally and niece Annemarie)

Ben and his boys (left to right- Smolak, Casey, Scruggs, Ben, his brother Joe and Mallury)

Look how cute my husband is!!!

The guest book table at the church

My ruby slippers. (Have I ever mentioned that I love "Wizard of Oz"?) Ben actually got me 1st and 2nd editions of the book series as a wedding present.

We used these at the church but this was really one of the centerpieces from the reception.

My parents during the ceremony

Our first kiss as a married couple

Ally- Cat the flower girl

This is pretty much my favorite picture from the whole day. I even used it to make a silhouette that I put on Pumpkins wall.

This was in the Art+Architecture Building on campus. We wanted to incorporate it since it was so important in the start of our relationship.

This is actually the place where we first met and started talking.

Outside the Sunsphere where we had our reception.

I was (and still am) really excited about the signature mat we had our guests sign. However, it is still in my moms house because we never have room to bring it back with us, and no where to put it if we did.

Our first dance

Ben's grooms cake. The little Lego people, Ben bought to match us.

The wedding cake. I know it is simple but I love it!!!

Our favors (spiced tea mix) on one of our embroidered table runners

Guest book table at the reception

This was one of the three times we got to dance at our wedding

This day three years ago we were getting married. Two years ago, we were in New York City visiting sites from our favorite movie. Last year, we were enjoying our first day in Paris, including a trip up the Eiffel Tower. This year we are waiting on our baby to show up. Hoping he does not come today but things start rolling soon (maybe tonight after dinner).

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  1. I wish I'd known you when I was planning my wedding! Gorgeous!